Folly Farm is a micro-farm and you-pick garden at the base of Mt. Fannie in Cove, Oregon, focusing on gourmet garlic and open-pollinated heirloom vegetables. Home of the Cove Natural Foods Co-op, an anchor drop for Azure Standard, we also are a stop along the Grande Ronde Farm Trail.

We are open by appointment for garlic, canned goods, and bulk harvests (when available). The you-pick garden is open sun up to sun down during growing season.

Contact us to arrange your first visit and we’ll show you around and how things work.

Gourmet Garlic

Seed Saving

You-Pick Garden

Oh, deer!

Protecting your garden from free-roaming deer and elk can be a challenge, especially as the summer nears a close and sweet, tender garden greens beckon the beasts to come in for a snack.  Deer gracefully leap over fences lower than 6 feet high, and elk disrespectfully...

Long Sleeves and Grandma’s Pickles

Driving to La Grande for an early morning meeting one August morning in 2016, the radio news reporter stated Union County's average temperature that month was .9 degrees above average. I wondered: Are you talking about our Union County in Oregon, or the Union County...

Nothing says I love you… garlic breath before 8am. Each year in mid-June we have deliciously decadent garlic scapes available. Chop and add them to stir-fry, or use our famous Garlic Scape Pesto recipe for a flavor-filled spread, topping, or filler. What's are they?   Simply put, the...