We believe…

…we can meet our goals on our own under God.
…self-reliance embodies the American spirit of stick-to-it-and-get-it-done.
…homegrown prosperity comes from relying on your own chutzpah.
…in working hard to put food on our table, clothes on our backs, and shelter over our heads.

Our mission is to nurture homegrown prosperity and self-reliance through fellowship with home agriculturists.

Our approach to all of our endeavors is with a spirit of inquiry, combining curiosity, science, and faith with all of the reality life tosses our way.


view of the garden at folly farm
On Our Own

On Our Own means…

…relying on our own ability and resources to ensure a secure source of healthful, homegrown food.

…working hard and working together as a community.

…breaking the ties of reliance on government subsidies to get things done.

On Our Own does not mean doing things alone. Amazing things happen from hard work and sweat equity expended in collaboration with family, friends, and community.

  • Muscles
  • Brains
  • Good old-fashioned tools (and a few new-fangled and homemade ones)
  • Sales revenue from you-pick, farmers markets, and community festivals
  • Community contributions to Seed Bank
  • Donations
  • Barter
Farming Follosophy
  • We like to do things on our own the old-fashioned way as much as possible.
  • While our little plot of ground is too small to be certified organic, we don’t use nasty pesticides or chemicals, and we only use soil amendments from natural sources.
  • We grow only heirloom varieties for both veggies and seeds.
  • We do our best to make sure our seeds are safe.
  • We start our crops from seed, rotate crops to keep the ground healthy and productive, and tend each plant by hand.
  • We make edible goodies the same way the best grannies and grandpas have been making them for generations, using heirloom recipes as the basis for everything we cook up.
  • We cook with healthful, preservative-free, old-fashioned* ingredients from local producers whenever possible.
  • We make durable goods with materials, supplies, and equipment purchased right here in the Grand Ronde Valley unless it’s just not here.
  • We praise God every day for the many gifts and blessings He sheds on our lives.

* We don’t use fake or engineered stuff, and we promise to tell you exactly what’s in everything we make. Butter and bacon are welcome on the farm.