After two really great seed swaps in Baker and La Grande over the last two weekends, we are gearing up for our own Spring Seed Swap right here on Folly Farm this Saturday. Things are still a little untidy in the garden from last season’s self-seeding crops, but we’re ready to get growing.

Yesterday, we seeded 11 trays (40 cells each) with peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. We’ll keep those indoors until they get two sets of leaves, and then we let them have outdoors dates a little a time until mid-May’s transplanting party. Next up for planting are the season’s first lettuce bed, cabbages, and onions. All of these we’ll sow directly in the ground with contingencies to cover for hard frosts. Cold frames make excellent flexible covers, and when it gets warm you just pick them up and move them off the plants. No cold frames? No worries: Stakes and plastic or an old sheet work great, too.

Whether you’ve already started your garden plans for the up-coming season, ready to seed warm-weather transplants indoors, or just need help getting started for the first time, join us from 1pm-4pm here in the new barn Folly Farm.  We have a great selection of seeds, and will happily do a little soil-blocking-to-go for anyone interested.